Visual Identity

The visual identity of the EMU brand encompasses logos, colors, graphic design elements, and even fonts. Consistency is key in making EMU a recognizable brand. Our brand identity manager sets the standards and monitors brand usage across campus. 

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The EMU lettermark logo is to be present on all web pages and print projects. This includes flyers, ads, correspondence, envelopes and department-produced documents (such as newsletters). Any paper document should have the EMU logo and name included. There are sub-brand logos for: Graduate programs, Seminary, Lancaster, CJP, STAR, and athletics.

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Graphics and Colors

EMU has developed a distinct graphical style that it uses strategically in its marketing materials to help tell the EMU story visually. The consistent use of these elements is a key part of the EMU brand and is crucial to how its audience recognizes it.

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Taglines capture the essence of an organization in a nutshell. After the logo, it is the second opportunity to tell someone about our product. No tagline can say everything about an organization. It is a conversation starter. The tagline will be incorporated as determined by the designer. The EMU tagline is modular and can be combined with a variety of messages to help tell the EMU story, but the standard combination should always be LEAD TOGETHER for general uses.

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This is just an introduction to the visual identity. EMU brand identity documents give detailed instructions for the use of visual elements of our brand.